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Why you should not buy a cheap musical instrument online

Resources for Identifying and Appraising Violin Family Instruments

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About Oriscus MII

Keeping it real.

Oriscus MII is here to help you find all manner of information about musical instruments. This is not a big corporate site. Oriscus is run by real people who care about your musical instrument story.  The core areas of this site are:

1. Finding your own answers. Annotated web portal. Each of these resources has been individually examined by us and been determined to have sufficient useful content to be included here. This is not an automated process, but a reflection of careful consideration by experts.

2. Specialized original content, especially our essays on buying, selling, identifying musical instruments.

3. Products and services. Oriscus offers selected books and reference services through Amazon, Orion, and Bluebook affiliations. While we do receive a small percentage of sales through our links to these resources, they are carefully selected to provide good, relevant value to our users.

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The Tromba Marina: A Study in Organology
by Dwight Newton

A bowed monochord with a mysterious trembling bridge, played entirely in harmonics, and echoing with sympathetic strings. Go figure.

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