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Oriscus(sm) is a project to gather and promulgate internet resources in the arts, culture and technology. It is primarily a portal to other projects. Please note our Disclaimer about sites outside the ORISCUS.COM family of domains and our Privacy Statement.

The name

Oriscus is an obscure ligature in the notation of medieval chant. It is technically a liquescent neum. This is basically an extra repeated note at the end of a melisma (a melody on a single syllable of text) sort of like an echo.

The Logo

Oriscus kithara logo

The Oriscus logo is adapted from a 5th Century BCE Greek vase painting of Nike playing a kithara, the classic lyre often associated with Apollo.

Who is Oriscus?

Oriscus is conceived and maintained by Dwight Newton. My professional background includes work in both media libraries and public libraries, administrative support for a state government arts agency, public information for a university college of fine arts, and extensive recent work in virtual worlds online. I have worked in the private sector, academia, and county and state governments.  I am responsible for creating the first web sites for a rural Alabama county library system, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and a handful of private interest sites. Please see my summary of web development work. I am a technology consultant for the Kentucky Peer Advisory Network, a roster of arts management consultants sponsored by the Kentucky Arts Council. 

I have a graduate degree in musicology. I have been a musical instrument maker and researcher since around 1968. I am absolutely committed to the arts and culture as central to the purpose of human life. I believe in the potential of technology to further the imagination and to bring people together.  I would be happy to hear your thoughts on my work here. I have a section of this web site dedicated to some of my personal interests. You may also read my complete r�sum� if you're interested.


The content of Oriscus.com is copyrighted by Dwight Newton/Oriscus.com unless otherwise noted. No content may be republished or copied in any form without explicit  permission except as allowed under fair use provisions of U.S. copyright law.

Specific practices which are explicitly prohibited include:

Where is Oriscus?

The physical location of a web entity is largely irrelevant, but I find it interesting to know where in the world people are. Oriscus is currently located in Lexington, Kentucky, the heart of the Bluegrass region; home of thoroughbred horses, bourbon whiskey, burley tobacco, great music, and great writers. The Oriscus web host is located somewhere in cyberspace.

Last updated 2014-08-05