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120 Years of Electronic Music
Online history museum. Keywords: museums collections electronic
1833 Shop/Guitarmaker's Connection
Martin Guitar accessories, kits, strings, luthier supplies. Keywords: supplies guitar string kits making
A.C.E. Guitars
Makers of acoustic classical electric guitars in New Hampshire Keywords: makers guitar acoustic electric
Acoustical Society of America
An association devoted to the various studies of acoustics, including musical acoustics, physics, phsiology, noise, et al. Keywords: sigs making
African Music Museum
An online virtual museum sponsored in part by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The English version is a bit rough, but the exhibits are very nice. There are visual indexes by country and instrument type. Keywords: museums ethnic strings percussion Africa
  Keywords: manufacturers electronic keyboard
Albert and Mueller Handcrafted Guitars and Mandolins
(Germany) Makers of acoustic guitars (classical and steel) and mandolins (flatback, beetleback, bouzouki, semi-acoustic, and a lute-like "baroque" mandolin) Keywords: maker guitar mandolin bouzouki
  Keywords: manufacturers electronic keyboard
Major wholesale distributors of guitar and bass parts. Keywords: dealer supplies parts guitar
Alvarez Guitars
Manufacturer/distributors of Alvarez and Yairi acoustic guitars Keywords: manufacturer guitar
American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers
Founded in 1980 to provide the musical community with a standard of work and expertise upon which it could depend. Now numbering over one hundred of the finest makers, dealers, and restorers in the United States and Canada, the Federation has strict requirements for membership. Aside from submitting an example of his or her work for review, a prospective member must have at least nine years of experience in the profession -- including six years of formal apprenticeship and training in all aspects of the making, repair, and restoration of fine instruments and bows. Keywords: sigs makers collecting violin bow appraisers
American Fretted Musical Instrument Makers
A barebones list of over 1800 maker names and labels with locations and dates of activity. Covers pre-Civil War to WWII. Keywords: guitar reference banjo mandolin fretted
American Gamelan Institute
  Keywords: sigs percussion gamelan ethnic
American Guild of Organists
Publishes the American Organist magazine, provides education, professional development, employment listings and other resources for organists. Keywords: sigs organ learning keyboard
American Harp Society
  Keywords: sigs string harp
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
Professional organization for conservators (people with specialized skills who can restore and/or preserve objects). Resources for finding a professional conservator. Keywords: collecting conservators museums
American Musical Instrument Society
An international organization to promote better understanding of all aspects of the history, design, construction, restoration, and usage of musical instruments in all cultures and from all periods. Keywords: sigs learning
American Recorder Society
Promotes community music ensembles, professional training, education, certification of recorder teachers. Keywords: sigs recorder wind early
America's Shrine to Music Museum
(South Dakota) Collection includes more than 10,000 American, European, and non-Western instruments from all cultures and historical periods. An unlikely location for one of the foremost musical instrument collections in the world. The website contains extensive descriptions of the collections, many images, and offers technical drawings of some objects. Keywords: museums collections
Antique Sound Workshop, Ltd.
(Massachusetts USA) Dealer in historical instruments of all kinds. Keywords: dealers early string wind percussion
Apollo's Axes (Florida, USA)
Dealers in ethnic instruments from around the world. Keywords: dealer ethnic
Appraisers Association of America
Searchable database of appraisers including musical instruments. Keywords: collecting appraisers
Azola Basses
Acoustic, semi-acoustic and solid body electric basses. Keywords: bass electric makers string
How to make a bagpipe out of PVC pennywhistles. Keywords: making bagpipe wind learning
Barbera Transducer Systems
Manufacturer of pickup systems for violin family instruments. Keywords: manufacturers pickups string supplies electronic violin
Manufacturer of pickups for all instruments. Keywords: manufacturers pickups supplies electronic
Bartolini Pickups
Maker of pickups for guitar and bass. Keywords: manufacturer pickups guitar bass electronic
Bate Collection of Musical Instruments
(Oxford, UK) A collection of European orchestral woodwinds and brasses, as well as early keyboards. Website includes a checklist of instruments and selected images. Keywords: museums collections
(Tuebingen, Germany) Historical musical instruments and kits from around the world. Keywords: making kits early ethnic dealers
Baxter's Database of Violin & Bow Makers
CD-ROM database of over 18,000 violin and bow makers from the 12th century to the present day, extracted from standard reference books, catalogs and other sources. See our review at: Keywords: reference strings violin
Black Diamond Strings
Manufacturer of strings for fretted instruments and violins. Keywords: strings manufacturer guitar supplies
Black Mountain Instruments
Manufacturer of mountain dulcimers, including electrics, kits. Keywords: manufacturers string appalachian dulcimer kits making
Bluebook of Pianos
A broadly informative sights with details on piano identification, construction, values, and other related topics. Covers only pianos made in recent years (since 1960). They also offer online piano appraisals for $25. Keywords: reference piano appraisers
Bob's Ukelin Home
A great resource with everything you ever wanted to know about this common American patent bowed zither. Keywords: string bowed zither ukelin
Boosey & Hawkes
Manufacturer and distributor of high quality musical instruments and accessories, including Besson brass, Buffet woodwinds and Höfner guitars and basses. Keywords: manufacturers guitar winds
Bow and Bowed Stringed Instrument Makers Lists and other Resources for Makers and Musicians
From luthier David T. Van Zandt. Keywords: violin making dealers makers reference
Brass Players Museum
(Springfield, MA, USA) Over 90 historical brass instruments. Players are invited to play some of the instruments. Keywords: museums collections brass
Brass Resources
A portal to a good number of web resources relating to brasses, including many serial number lists and other historical information. Keywords: brass collecting reference
British Harpsichord Society
An open membership organization for anyone with an interest in harpsichords. Site includes a number of useful educational resources about harpsichord mechanics and history. Keywords: keyboard harpsichord
Brook Mays
Large dealers of all conventional instruments. Keywords: dealers
Budapest Music History Museum
(Hungary) Permanent exhibitions: - Hungarian musical instrument manufacturing in 18th - 20th century - Musical life in 18th - 20th century - Hungarian folk instruments Keywords: museums ethnic hungary
Building Musical Instruments
Collection of links about building flutes, guitars, keyboard instruments, percussion instruments, violins, world instruments. From Keywords: making learning reference
Burnt Earth Ceramic Musical Instruments
Ceramic Musical Instruments by Barry Hall. Drums, flutes, horns, didjeridus, strings and unusual hybrid instruments Keywords: makers experimental ceramic didjeridu drum flute
Butterfield's (Chicago)
Auction house sometimes has instruments for sale. Keywords: collecting auction appraisal
C. F. Martin Co.
Manufacturers of acoustic guitars, mandolins, ukuleles. Keywords: manufacturers guitar mandolin acoustic
Catgut Acoustical Society
Organization for technical acoustical research into instruments of the violin family. Keywords: sigs violin acoustics string
Chord-Zither and Ukelin Homepage
An illustrated reference index of modern zithers and zither hybrids by Garry Harrison. Keywords: zither ukelin marx
Chris B's Music
A comprehensive musical instrument dealer - from bagpipes to a huge vairty of electric instruments. Site includes useful tips and references. Keywords: dealers
Christies (London, New York)
Auction house sometimes has instruments for sale. Keywords: collecting auction appraisal
Clarinet Pages
An online community of information about woodwinds and French horn. Discussion groups, resources, classified ads, MDID files, etc. Keywords: woodwind clarinet
Classical Net: Instruments & Instrument Makers Sites
Good list of makers for classical and early instruments of all kinds. Keywords: makers reference
Manufacturers of solid body stand up basses and bass pickups. Keywords: manufacturers strings electric bass pickups
Collecting Vintage Musical Instruments
George Gruhn's essay on collecting fretted instruments. Keywords: collecting fretted guitar
Combo Organ Heaven
A pleasantly obsessive site dedicated the the combo organ, those nifty old pre-synth keyboards used in rock and roll bands of the 60's and 70's. Companies like Magnus, Lowry and Farfisa. Great information and lots of images. Keywords: electronic keyboard organs collecting
Compton Organ Specialists (UK)
Makers of digital church organs. Keywords: makers organ electronic
An astoundingly comprehensive resource for all things relating to concertinas. They have advice for identifying, dating and buying instruments, an online forum and much more. Keywords: free reed concertina
Coog Instruments
A California maker of a wide variety of traditional stringed instruments, including guitar, banjo, hurdy-gurdy, aeolian harp, and early European instruments. Keywords: maker guitar banjo hurdy-gurdy aeolian
CoOL - Conservation OnLine
A project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries, is a full text library of conservation information, covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library, archives and museum materials. Includes a searchable database of conservators. Keywords: collecting conservators museums
Corporeal Meadows: The Online Home of Harry Partch
Partch was an important iconoclastic American composer, musical theorist, philosophic instrument builder, raconteur, hobo, artist. His instruments were invented to play his music and to reflect his thinking. His work has passion, humor and style, while adhering strictly to a complex music theory. Keywords: makers experimental percussion string
Damian Dlugolecki
Maker of gut strings Keywords: makers supplies string
Dan Cipriano Instrument Serial Numbers
Serial number lists for many wind manufacturers, including sax, flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone. Also Guild guitars. Keywords: reference serial wind
David Estrada & Lorena Beverido, violin makers
(Veracruz, Mexico) Makers of fine violins, violas, cellos an double basses, in the Italian tradition Keywords: makers bowed strings
David T. Van Zandt
Violin Maker in Seattle Keywords: makers violin
Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection
(Washington, DC) Library of Congress. Comprised of nearly 1,650 flutes and other instruments. Site includes details and images of 102 of the instruments. Keywords: museums collections flutes
Dennis Havlena
How to build simple and inexpensive musical instruments, and other musical information. Dennis is an amateur experimenter with homemade instruments. He has a whimsical style and inventive mind that makes you want to try one of these projects or create one on your own. Keywords: making learning ethnic experimental
Deutsches Museum
(Munich) Website includes a tour of the various exhibit halls arranged by instrument type. Keywords: museums collections
Dusty Strings
(Seattle, WA) Makers of folk harps and hammered dulcimers. Keywords: makers folk harp hammered dulcimer
Early Instrument Resources
An extensive list of early medieval through baroque) instrument resources including Buying & Making Instruments, and Specific Instrument Resources, from the Medieval Music & Arts Foundation. Keywords: makers reference making early
Earnest Uncommon Musical Instruments
Mandolins, tenor guitars, ukuleles and custom instruments. Keywords: mandolin guitar ukulele experimental fretted
Eastman Guitars
Hand carved archtop guitars made in China in the tradition of violin making. Keywords: strings guitar manufacturer
Eastman Strings
Manufacturers and distributors of better quality Asian and European made violin family instruments. Wholesale only. Ask for local dealers. Keywords: strings manufacturers dealers violin
eBay Listings: Musical Instruments
Odds are remarkably good that someone has what you're looking for.  Keywords: reference auction collecting apparaisal
Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
(Scotland) An excellent site with basic documentation for the entire collection of some 1000 instruments, as well as many image galleries (though mostly in black and white) and demonstrations. Keywords: museums collections
David Bellinger makes solid and hollow body electric kalimbas. Keywords: makers electric kalimba mbira
Elderly Instruments
Sellers of a huge variety of mostly new and used acoustic folk musical instruments, books, videos, supplies. Buy, sell and trade used and vintage instruments. They are also a great resource for general information about instruments. Catalogs available. Keywords: dealers
Elderly Instruments (Michigan, USA)
Dealer in acoustic musical instruments, primarily in the American and European folk traditions, but also some unusual items. Also a great resource for hard to find recordings, supplies and books. Keywords: dealer string fretted parts supplies guitar banjo
Elemental Design
Featuring unique, hand-made mallet percussion, including glass and stone marimbas, by Jim Doble. Keywords: makers percussion glass stone xylophone marimba
Encapsulated History of Classic Banjo Manufacturers
A listing, with serial numbers and dates, of the major Golden Age banjo makers' products. Keywords: banjo serial reference
Erhu music by George Gao
George Gao is a master of the Chinese erhu (fiddle). His website includes an instruction CD, Chinese instruments for sale, and accessories. Keywords: dealers ethnic erhu
Eric Leonardson: Sound Thinking
Chicago-based audio artist, educator, performer, composer, sound designer, radio artist, and improvisor. Keywords: makers experimental
Ethnic Musical Instrument Company
Ancient ethnic instruments from India, Africa and the Middle East. Keywords: manufacturers dealers percussion ethnic
Experimental Musical Instruments
My all-time favorite journal of any kind which, naturally, ceased publication in mid-1999. Articles from the deadly serious to the radically weird to the simply hilarious. Fortunately, its fearless editor has reincarnated it on the web, but it is not the vital contributor-driven resource it was in print. All the back issues are still available, plus a few new things. Keywords: sigs experimental making
Famous Guitarmaker Internet World Headquarters
Names and addresses of guitar and violin makers around the world. Lists are a few years old. Keywords: makers violin guitar reference
Guitars, basses, parts, and accessories. A dealer locator and internal search are also provided. Keywords: manufacturers electric guitars
Finchcocks living Museum of Music
(Kent, UK) Collection comprises historical keyboard instruments, mainly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and numbers nearly a hundred instruments in all. Early pianos make up the main body, but there is also a number of chamber organs, harpsichords, virginals, spinets and clavichords. Keywords: museums keyboard
Fiske Museum of Musical Instruments
(California) Over 1,400 American, European and ethnic instruments dating from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries. Minimal website includes a checklist of the collection and some photographs. Keywords: museums collections
Flute and Sax Serial Numbers
Also clarinet numbers. From Dr. Rick's Village Flute and Sax Shop (New York). Keywords: reference serial woodwind manufacturers flute saxophone
Flute Manufacturers Index
An extensive list of manufacturers with links to websites of those that have them. Keywords: reference woodwind flute manufacturers
Flute terms glossary
From Flute A usefule glossary of terms relative to the flute, with illustrations of the various parts. Keywords: woodwinds reference flute anatomy
Frederick Historic Piano Collection
(Ashburnham, MA) A private collection of 16 historic grand pianos in playable condition, now included in a study center for schlarly research. Keywords: piano keyboard
Fretland - Chris B's Music
(RI - USA) Large dealer in all instruments, especially guitars. Keywords: dealers
Frets Museum
A minimally annotated, but prolific online photo gallery of fine fretted instruments that have passed through the shop of Frank Ford of Gryphon Instruments (California). Also on this site are useful tips for care and maintenance of fretted instruments. Keywords: fret museums guitar mandolin online maintenance repair
Fretted Instrument Guild of America (FIGA)
Not much information on this site, but tells how to join/subscribe. Interested in banjoes, guitars, mandolins, etc. Keywords: sigs string fretted guitar mandolin banjo
Friends of Musical Instruments - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Through lectures, demonstrations, and concerts, members learn about various aspects of instruments from around the world and throughout history. Programs based on the Museum's extensive collections Keywords: museums collecting sigs
Galpin Society for the Study of Musical Instruments
A long established British scholarly organization. Publishes an annual Journal and sponsors occasional international conferences and symposia. Keywords: sigs
(The Hague) Site shows a few instruments, including a Ruckers harpsichord. Keywords: museums collections
Manufacturers of guitars, banjos, mandolins, dobros and other musical hardware. Keywords: manufacturers guitar banjo mandolin electric
Gila Mountain Dulcimers
Makers of handcrafted mountain dulcimers with a southwest flair. Links, festivals, an online store, artists, performers, free lessons, clubs, music, etc. Keywords: strings, makers, dulcimers, mountain dulcimers, Appalachian dulcimers
Gliga Violins USA
Specializing in fine Romanian Violins/Fiddles, Violas, Cellos, Double-Basses and accessories, available in different quality levels, and from child to adult sizes. Keywords: dealers manufacturers violin
Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture
(Moscow) Keywords: museums collections
Guide to Dating Bach Trombones - Serial Numbers
Serial numbers for Selmer Bach trombones from 1933 to 1994. Keywords: reference serial brass trombone
Guild Guitars
Manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars and basses. Keywords: manufacturers guitar bass electric acoustic
Guitar Foundation of America
  Keywords: sigs guitar fretted string
Guitar Plans by Roy Courtnall Summerfield
(UK) Plans, books and other tools for making classical guitars and violins. Keywords: making guitar violin
Guitar Serial Numbers
A select database of serial number dates for many popular makers. From No Excuses Guides. Keywords: guitar identification serial numbers
Guitar-Zither Clearinghouse
Kelly Williams has assembled some good essential information about concert zithers and several of their manufactured variations by Marx, Oscar Schmidt and others. Keywords: string zither
Harmony Central
A massive information resource for popular music instruments and equipment. Especially useful is the huge database of user reviews of guitars and other instruments, both modern and vintage. Keywords: reference guitars keyboards dealers manufacturers
Harp Depot
(IN) Dealers in harmonicas, including Hohner, Lee Oskar and others. They also sell Hohner accordions and melodicas. Keywords: dealers free reed harmonicas accordions
Harp Page
  Keywords: sigs string harp
Harpsichord Clearing House
(Boston area, USA) Resource for all early keyboard needs be it harpsichord, virginal, spinet, clavichord, fortepiano or continuo organ. Keywords: makers dealers keyboard early harpsichord organ piano
Heartland Harps
(Woodville, WI) Makers of folk harps Keywords: makers folk harp
Helix Musical Instruments
Dealers in instruments hand made in Australia and imported from around the world. Keywords: dealer ethnic
Heritage Preservation
An organization with programs and publications that provide advice and guidance on the proper care and maintenance of historic and artistic objects. Keywords: collecting conservation museums
Historic Brass Society
  Keywords: sigs wind brass early
Historical Harp Society
  Keywords: sigs string harp early
Holton Instrument Serial Numbers
Serial numbers for dating instruments from 1901 to 1979. Keywords: brass makers reference serial
Horniman Museum
(London, UK) The Museum has placed essential information about its collection online while the facility is being renovated. Keywords: museums collections
House of Musical traditions
Dealers in a large variety of musical instruments from around the world. They have aan instrument appraisal service and are very helpful about answering unusual questions. Mail order available. Located in Washington DC area. Keywords: Dealers ethnic
Hubbard Harpshichords
(Sudbury, MA) Instruments and kits by an established and reputable workshop. Keywords: makers dealers keyboard early harpsichord clavichord
In Harmony with Education
From the Music Educators National Conference (MENC), classroom projects in which student can make their own interesting musical instruments and thereby learn about culture, math and science. Keywords: making ethnic education
Instrument Encyclopedia
Using as its core the instruments in the Stearns Collection at the University of Michigan, this is a useful, though not comprehensive, resource. Can be browsed by instrument type or by geography. Keywords: museums collections reference
Instrument Workshop
Mail order business to serve the needs of owners and builders of early keyboard instruments. Keywords: dealers supplies keyboard early harpsichord
International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections(CIMCIM)
A UNESCO organization of professional museum curators and conservators of musical instruments. Their website includes lists of instrument collections around the world and of technical drawings available from museums. Keywords: sigs museums collections collecting
International Directory of Musical Instrument Collections
This comprehensive directory is jointly provided by CIMCIM and the American Musical Instrument Society. Newly expanded and updated (November 2002). Keywords: reference museums collections
International Double Reed Society
  Keywords: sigs wind reed
International Native American Flute Association
A support association for the preservation and advancement of the Native American flute. Includes a convention, listings of instructors and flute circles, and other useful information. Keywords: woodwinds ethnic sigs
International Recorder Page
  Keywords: sigs wind recorder early
International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen
  Keywords: sigs string harp making
Internet Bandsman's Everything Within (IBEW)
Truly everything for the brass band afficionado. A compendium of internet resources. The lists are short on description, but make up for it in quantity and quality of links. Keywords: brass band reference
Internet Cello Society
A great site -- a support group for the cello obsessed. Keywords: sigs cello string
Intuitive Instruments for Improvisers
The author of these pages (Monxmood) advocates whole-tone instruments as a way of thinking outside the scale. His history of scales is among the most lucid and concise I've seen anywhere. Included are a number of virtual instruments that provide compelling arguments for his case. Keywords: makers experimental virtual
Jan Hermans Historical Woodwinds
(Belgium) Maker of renaissance and baroque recorders and baroque flutes. Keywords: recorder maker
Jenny Wiley Dulcimers and Kits
Handmade Appalachian dulcimers and kits made of native hardwoods in the mountains of northeastern Kentucky. Keywords: strings Appalachian dulcimer
JHS - John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd.
(UK) Wholesale distribuor of music merchandise, including their own JHS, Vintage and Hornby labels as well as other known manufacturers. Keywords: dealers distributors
Jordan Electric Violins
(California) Also cellos. Keywords: makers violin cello electric
Judicael Strings
(Yorkshire, UK) Maker, repairer and dealer in violins, electric violins and guitars. Keywords: makers violin electric guitar
Instrument strings. As the name implies, they sell strings for many standard and unusual ethnic instruments. Need strings for your charango? Keywords: making dealers string supplies
King Brown Hand Crafts
Australian maker of violins, bluegrass mandolins, guitars, electric violins. Keywords: makers violin mandolin guitar electric
Koto no Koto - Supplies
A list of companies that sell kotos and koto supplies. Some import for sale in the USA, and others sell from Japan. Keywords: dealers ethnic
Kovel's Antiques Price Guide
Provides sample prices for a number of musical instruments. Quotes are 3-5 years old but can provide a ballpark idea. Keywords: collecting appraisal
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien - Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments
(Austria) An important collection of renaissance era instruments, many originally belonging to the Hapsburgs. Keywords: museums collections
Kurzweil Music Systems
Electronic musical instruments by one of the more innovative and visionary companies, now owned by Young Chang. Keywords: manufacturers keyboard electronic
L.R. Baggs Co.
Manufacturer of pickups for guitar, double bass, cello and others. Keywords: manufacturers pickups string supplies electronic
Large Hot Pipe Organ
The Large Hot Pipe Organ is the world's only MIDI controlled, propane powered explosion organ. Keywords: makers experimental electronic keyboard organ
Lark in the Morning
Dealers in a large variety of musical instruments from around the world. They have aan instrument appraisal service and are very helpful about answering unusual questions. Catalog available. Located in California. Keywords: dealers ethnic
Leblanc Online
Woodwind instruments (Kenosha, WI) Keywords: manufacturers wind woodwind
Library of Congress: The Collections of Musical Instruments
(Washington, DC) Site provides only a general description of the collections. Collection includes a number of fine Cremonese instruments of the violin family, some early strings, a large collection of flutes and woodwinds (see Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection, and a small collection of Thai instruments. Keywords: museums collections strings flutes winds
Lute Society of America
  Keywords: sigs lute fretted string early
Lute Society of Germany
  Keywords: sigs lute fretted string early
Luthiers and Violin Making Information
List from the Internet Cello Society. Keywords: makers making violin cello
Maestronet String Instrument Dealers
Lists dealers and makers of violin family instruments from around the world. Keywords: makers dealers violin
Makers of Finely Crafted Flutes
A list of 100+ fine flute makers from around the world. From Larry Krantz. Keywords: reference serial woodwind makers flute
Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory: Music
Auction houses, appraisers, associations, etc. Keywords: collecting, auction, appraisal
Mandolin Brothers, Ltd.
(Staten Island, NY) Large dealers and appraisers of fretted instruments. Keywords: mandolin guitar dealrers appraisers
Mathers Museum
(Bloomington, IN, USA) Collection of over 1,800 ethnomusicology items is one of the largest such collections in the country, and includes materials from all continents. Keywords: museums ethnic
Mechanical Music Digest 
Moderated forum about musical instruments that play themselves. Published daily on the Internet and distributed primarily by e-mail. Keywords: collecting mechanical
Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
Musica Antiqua's illustrated guide: pictures, descriptions, and history. Keywords: reference medieval renaissance european
Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Collection: Musical Instruments
(New York) Department of Musical Instruments holds approximately five thousand examples from six continents and the Pacific Islands, dating from about 300 B.C. to the present. Categories that are particularly well represented include European and American keyboards, wind instruments from the late seventeenth through the nineteenth century, and instruments of all sorts from non-Western societies. The website includes details of 50 objects in the collection. Keywords: museums collections
Michel Waisvisz
Makes gestural virtual reality controllers for electronic music making. Keywords: makers electronic experimental
Mid East Manufacturing
Manufacturers and importers of exotic musical instruments. Their cast ceramic doumbeks are best known. They also supply harps, sitars and other Indian ethnic instruments, Scottish bagpipes, African style percussion and many other items. Most instruments are factory made in Pakistan and China and are not first quality, but some, are perfectly usable. Keywords: dealers manufacturers ethnic bagpipes drums percussion


Miner Museum of Vintage, Exotic & Just Plain Unusual Musical Instruments
The private collection of musician Gregg Miner includes primarily guitars, harps, zithers and unusual hybrid string instruments. Keywords: collecting string fretted lute bandura theorbo zither resophonic
MK Music
Quality handmade whistles made of aluminum and brass in Scotland by Misha Somerville. Keywords: whistle, penywhistle, wind
Moog Music
Theremins and other electronic instruments from synth pioneer Robert Moog. Keywords: manufacturer moog electronic theremin
Mugwumps Online
How to date Martins guitars, mandolins, etc. Other misc. about fretted instruments esp. in the American bluegrass tradition. Keywords: collecting banjo mandolin guitar fretted
Musée de la Musique
(France) Collection includes many 18th-19th century European instruments as well as some 600 of African and Asian origin. The website features 3D panoramic views of the galleries. Keywords: museums collections
Musée des Instruments de Musique
(Belgium) Designed to be entertaining and informative, the objects are often presented in playing position. Keywords: museums collections
Musee d'ethnographie de neuchatel
(Switzerland) Collection consists of some 1400 object, primarily from Africa. Keywords: museums ethnic
Museum of Fine Arts
(Boston) The Museum has an extensive collection of European and other musical instruments from ancient times to the present day, some of which are listed in their searchable online database. Keywords: museums collections
Museum of Making Music
(Carlsbad, CA) The Museum has several galleries chronicling the history of music making in America. They provide several outreach activities for children and seniors. Keywords: museums collections
Museum of Making Music
(Carlsbad, CA, USA) Museum of American music making includes over 450 instruments. Keywords: museums american
Museum of Music History
(Hungary) Keywords: museums collections
Museum of Musical Instruments
(Markneukirchen, Germany) Keywords: museums collections
Museum of Popular Instruments, Research Centre for Ethnomusicology
(Athens, Greece) Collection of about 1200 Greek popular musical instruments dating from the 18th century to the present day. Keywords: museums ethnic
Museum Vleeshuis
(Antwerp) Collection highlights include keyboards from the Ruckers workshop. Keywords: museum keyboard harpsichord
Museum Vleeshuis
(Antwerp) Collection includes many instruments, especially a number of harpsichords by the Ruckers family. Keywords: museums harpsichord
Music Dealers Network
A commercial industry portal site that ranks listings in part by fees paid by listers. While this is of questionable value to the end user, this resource does have a substantial database of music dealer, makers and manufacturers. Just don't put a lot of stock in their "gold" and "silver" designations. Keywords: dealers auctions
Music Gear Review
Popular musical instrument and music equipment news and consumer reviews. Covering guitar, bass, drums & percussion, keyboards & MIDI, recording, live sound and more. Keywords: dealers buying reference
Music Group
Manufacturers of Besson, Buffet Crampon, Hofner, Keilwerth, Paesold, Rico, and W. Schreiber instruments and accessories. Keywords: manufacturers
Music Group - Serial Numbers
Serial numbers for Schreiber, Keilwerth, Buffet Crampon, Boosey & Co., Hawkes & Son, and Boosey & Hawkes/Besson. Keywords: manufacturers serial reference
Music Museum Alliance
A professional membership organization of specialized music museums and related entities in the U.S. Keywords: museums sigs
Music Trades
Print magazine published continuously since 1890 for instrument manufacturers and retailers. Subscription includes an annual buyers guide that is a fairly comprehensive directory of instrument manufacturers and wholesalers. This resource alone is well worth the modest subscription cost. Keywords: reference sigs periodicals manufacturers dealers
Large online dealer of popular instruments and equipment. Keywords: dealers
Musical Instrument Encyclopedia
Using as its core the instruments in the Stearns Collection at the University of Michigan, this is a useful, though not comprehensive, resource. Can be browsed by instrument type or by geography. Keywords: reference encyclopedia collections
Musical Instrument Makers Forum (MIMF)
An excellent online community of amateur and professional instrument makers of all kinds. Includes a searchable archives and library, and online classes. Keywords: sigs learning reference experimental making
Musical Instrument Reference
From Resource for teachers and students. Modern musical instruments, transposition, concert pitch and best sounding range. Keywords: reference range transposition pitch tessitura orchestration
Musical Instruments
Links list by instrument from the Sibelius Academy (Finland) has not been updated in some time, but still contains lots of useful resources. Keywords: reference links
Musician's Friend
Large online dealer of popular instruments and equipment. Keywords: dealers
Musicmaker's Kits, Inc.
Acoustic instruments you can build, including a variety of harp, flute, dulcimer, and psaltery kits. Keywords: making kits harp flute dulcimer Repair kits
Dealer in repair kits for woodwind instruments. Keywords: woodwinds dealers parts
Musikhistorisk Museet
(Denmark) Collection of European historical instruments and traditional instruments from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Keywords: museums collections
Musikinstrumenten-Museum der Universität Leipzig
In-depth documentation of the Museum's guitars, citterns and zithers is available at: Keywords: museums collections
Musikinstrumentenmuseum Markneukirchen
Collection includes over 3000 instruments from around the world. Highlights include the history of violin making in the region. Keywords: museum ethnic violin
Musikmuseum, Historisches Museum Basel
(Switzerland) Exhibition comprises approximately 650 instruments. The overlapping themes revolve around thehistory of European music over the past 500 years. Keywords: museums collections
Muzeum Instrumentów Muzycznych
(Poznan, Poland) Permanent exhibitions include "Professional European Instruments"; "Polish Folk Instruments"; "European and Non-European Folk Instruments"; "Chopin's Sojourn in Wielkopolska". Keywords: museums
NAMM - International Music Products Association
Industry association for music manufacturers and retailers. Keywords: makers manufacturers sigs dealers
National Flute Association
  Keywords: sigs wind flute
National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
(Washington, DC) Musical instruments in the collections are largely Euro-American instruments from the 1600s to the present, representing elite, popular, and some ethnic folk culture. The best-represented are keyboard and stringed instruments, including a Stradivarius quartet. Keywords: museums collections
New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments
An encyclopedic dictionary covering all aspects of musical instruments (3 volumes). Extracted and expanded from the 20 year old New Grove Dictionary of Music. Currently out of print. There is a second edition of the general dictionary available online by subscription. Keywords: reference dictionary encyclopedia identification specific
Nyckelharpa Bjorn Bjorn
Maker and player of the Swedish bowed keyboard instrument Keywords: makers nyckelharpa ethnic string
Nydahl Collection
(Stockholm) Museum houses a collection of approximately 550 old instruments, of which 75 are keyboards, such as harpsichords, clavichords, pianos and organs dating from the 16th century up to the 1940's. Keywords: museums collections
dd > OddMusic
Founded by the late Dr. Guy Grant, this is a vital group of off-center musical experimenters who like to discuss unusual sound sources. Topics are widely varied, from Tuvan throat singing to electronic circuit bending. I love these guys. Keywords: making experimental ethnic sigs
Online String Instrument & Bows Classifieds
New and used luthier-made violins, violas, cellos, basses, bows, and other musical items for sale online. Repair also available. Keywords: dealer bowed string violin viola cello
Online Trombone Journal
Information, resources, forum, etc., for the trombone obsessed. Keywords: brass trombone
Orchestrating a Fair Price: Valuing Used Musical Instruments
A feature article written by librarians with some good common-sense advice and book references. Keywords: collecting appraisal
Orion Blue Book
Fee-based online price guide for musical instruments, vintage guitars, audio equipment, computers, etc. As an affiliate, receives a portion of your fees. Keywords: reference collecting
The Arts, Technology, Meaning. Internet resources in musical instruments, arts technology and nonprofits technology planning. Keywords: musical instruments arts technology planning
Paul McNulty
An American fortepiano maker working in the Czech Republic. Makes fine historical instruments, many of which are owned by well-known artists and institutions. Keywords: fortepiano maker early piano
Piano Technicians Guild
Technical information for professional piano tuners, restorers and technicians, as well as educational information for the public. Keyboard-related usenet groups can be found on their FAQ page. Keywords: sig piano repair learning keyboard
Pickup the World
Pickups for acoustic, electric, percussive, world instruments Keywords: making dealers supplies electronic pickups
(UK) Online musical instrument dealers, including guitars, some low-end violins, brasses, woodwinds, percuussion, electronics, keyboards, accessories, etc. Keywords: dealers
R.E. Bruné
Maker of classical guitars, lutes and harpsichords. Keywords: makers lute harpsichord guitar
Recommendations for the Conservation of Musical Instruments in Collections
A 1993 annotated bibliography from the International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections (CIMCIM). Keywords: museums collections conservation
Recorder Makers & Retailers
Nicholas S. Lander's extensive searchable databases of recorder makers and dealers worldwide. Keywords: makers dealers recorder
Richard Waters
Inventor of the Waterphone and other unusual acoustic instruments in stainless steel and bronze or bamboo which utilize water. He has sold his Waterphone business to Joel Shellhase at: Keywords: makers experimental acoustic
Ringve Museum
(Norway) Around 1800 objects, about 700 are classical European instruments besides European- and non- European traditional instruments (especially Norwegian traditional instruments). Keywords: museums ethnic
Robinson's Harp Shop & Vermont Strings
Robinson's provides plans, strings and parts for harp makers. Vermont Strings is their East Coast affiliate. An excellent source for bulk nylon and phospor bronze strings for various projects. Keywords: making harp parts
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Musem
The Museum augments its own collection of thousands of artifacts with items on loan from artists and collectors from around the world. Keywords: museums
Rodgers' Piano Rebuilding
(North East, PA) An informative site about major piano overhauls. Lots of pictures of rebuiling projects. Keywords: piano repair keyboard
Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments
(London, UK) A collection of 600 instruments from around 1480 to the present day. Five hundred are European keyboard, stringed and wind instruments; 100 are from Africa and Asia. Keywords: museums collections
Royal Northern College of Music Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
(Manchester, UK) Collection comprises some 308 instruments: European wind, strings and keyboard; Non-European wind, strings and percussion. It includes a number of pianos by Broadwood; viols by Barak Norman, De Salo and Collingwood; violins by Stradivarius and Guarnerius together with some wind instruments from the 18th and early 19th centuries. Website includes a catalog (without images). Keywords: museums collections
Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments
(Edinburgh, Scotland) Collection consists of some 47 instruments, dating from the middle of the 16th century to the beginning of the 19th century. Harpsichords, spinets, virginals, and a smaller number of clavichords. Also represented are some important early pianofortes including the earliest extant English grand, together with a number of small pipe organs of the same historical period. Keywords: museums collections
Saint Petersburg Museum of Musical Instruments
(Russia) Collection consists of some 3000 objects. Keywords: museums
Salvation Army Instrument Factory
A short history by Will Scarlett of the company which operated in England from 1889 to 1972. Keywords: brass manufacturers
Sarawak Sape (stringed instrument of Borneo)
The Sape or Sapeh is an ornately decorated stringed instrument from Borneo. You can buy direct from the makers. Several models including a hybrid sapeh/ukulele. Keywords: sapeh strings makers ethnic Borneo
Schubert Club Museum
(St. Paul, MN, USA) A collection of more than 100 pianofortes, harpsichords, clavichords and organs, spanning more than 425 years, with a focus on 19th century pianofortes. Also the William and Ida Kugler Collection of Musical Instruments from around the world as well as automatic musical instruments, acoustical phonographs and early radios. Keywords: museums
Scottish Harp Society of America (SHSA)
  Keywords: sigs string harp ethnic
Selmer (Paris) Sax Serial Numbers
Serial numbers from 1922 to 1992. Keywords: reference serial brass saxophone
Selmer Company
Maker of the Vincent Bach line of brass instruments, including Bach Stradivarius trumpets and trombones. Keywords: manufacturers brass wind
A nice resource for worldwide information on the Persian setar, a long-neck lute in the tanbur/saz family that is very common throughout the Middle East to Asia. Lots of multimedia clips. Keywords: strings ethnic saz setar tanbur
Shamisen page
Shammy's Page contains most of the useful information about the Japanese long neck lute. The English version is rough, but understandable. He also sells instruments. Keywords: strings ethnic shamisen dealers
Shimamura Instruments - Traditional Japanese instruments
This large dealer of musical instrument is one of the few sources for obtaining Japanese kotos, shamisens and taiko drums. Keywords: ethnic dealers
Sibelius Museum
(Finland) Collection contains over 1000 instruments of which about 300 are on display. Most instruments are European art music instruments, but the collection also includes specimens from all over the world. Keywords: museums collections
Smithsonian FAQs: Musical History - Musical Instruments
Useful information about appraisal, collecting and history of instruments. Keywords: reference museums collecting appraisal Serial Numbers
Lists of brass and woodwind serial numbers from Buescher/Bundy, Boosey, Boosey & Hawkes, Conn, Selmer, Buffet, Armstrong, Artley, Jupiter, Pruefer, and Rossi Keywords: reference brass woodwind serial numbers
Society for Self-playing Musical Instruments 
Ever since musical instruments were invented, people have attempted to turn them into self-playing instruments. Keywords: collecting mechanical
Sorli Lautenwerke and Harpsichords
The workshop of Steven Sorli, maker of Lautenwerke (gut-strung harpsichords) and other interesting historical hybrid keyboards in Amherst, Massachussetts. Site includes Includes educational information, photos, audio-clips, prices, links and more. Keywords: harpsichord makers historical keyboards
Sotheby's (New York)
Auction house sometimes has instruments for sale. Keywords: collecting auction appraisal
Sources for Renaissance Woodwinds
A short list compiled by Grant D. Green Keywords: makers dealers early wind
State Museum of Azerbaijan Musical Culture
Collection numbers about 35 thousand items. They include such traditional Azerbaijani musical instruments as the tar, kamancha, saz, daf, nagara, gosha-nagara, zurna, ney, etc. Keywords: museums ethnic azerbaijan
Staying in Tune: Traditions and Musical Instruments of the Francophonie
From the Virtual Museum Canada. Describes instruments of many French speaking ethnic cultures around the world. Features pictures and audio clips. Keywords: musems ethnic
Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments
(University of Michigan) Collection contains more than 2,000 instruments, and dates back to 1899. The museum website is under development, but see Instrument Encyclopedia which uses the collection as a dataset. Keywords: museums collections
Steinway & Sons
The great American piano company continues to create masterpieces of the art. Keywords: manufacturers piano keyboard
Stockholm Music Museum
(Stockholm) Collection consists of approximately 6000 musical instruments. Western art music is especially well represented by the museum's instruments during the period 1600-1850. The collection of the 18th century woodwind is renowned in international organological circles. In addition, the museum has what is likely to be the largest number of Swedish folk instruments in the world plus a large number of folk instruments from elsewhere in Europe and outside, primarily from Africa and Asia. Keywords: museums collections
Strings (magazine) Buyers Guide
An extremely useful searchable database of products and services related to bowed string players. Especially useful is the inclusion of appraisers. Keywords: dealers general strings
Sweetwater Music Technology Direct
(Fort Wayne, Indiana) Large dealer of musical instruments and associated equipment (mostly electronics). Keywords: dealers electronic equipment
Tai Hei Shakuhachi
Monty Levinson's informative site all about the Japanese bamboo flute. Keywords: woodwinds ethnic bamboo
Taxonomy of Musical Instruments
A description of musical instrument classification by Sachs-Hornbostel system by Henry Doktorski. Keywords: reference classification
Thanh Cam Musical Instrument Workshop (Vietnam)
Makers of traditional Vietnamese instruments, guitars and violins. Keywords: violin makers ethnic
That First Violin
Practical tips for purchasing a new student violin outfit. Includes reviews of several instruments. Keywords: string violin
That First Violin
Article from the Aug/Sep 2001 issue of Strings magazine reviews 18 starter violin outfits under $1500. Keywords: strings violin choosing dealers
The Art of Modern Violin Making - CD ROM Product
A CD ROM showing every detail of making a violin step by step. Geared toward the beginning violin maker. Illustrated with over 1200 images. Keywords: violin making Museum of Musical Instruments
An online virtual museum of guitars of the 19th and 20th centuries. Keywords: museums guitar strings
Everything you ever wanted to know about theremins. Keywords: sigs theremin electronic
Tom Anderson Guitarworks
Small company making electric guitars and pickups. Keywords: makers guitar pickup
Tools and Resources
Software and resource lists for musical instrument makers. From Bart Hopkin's Experimental Musical Instruments. Keywords: making reference software learning
Triplett Harps
(San Luis Obispo, CA) Makers of folk harps Keywords: makers folk harp
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Provides patent information going back to 1790. Useful for gleaning technical details about musical instrument related processes, materials and devices. Keywords: reference patents
UCLA Dept. of Ethnomusicology
Listing of instruments owned, including a gamelan. Keywords: museums ethnic
Distributor of the Conn and King brands of brass instruments. Keywords: manufacturers wind brass
United Musical Instruments, USA, Inc.
Maker of Armstrong and Artley flutes, piccolos and clarinets and other woodwinds. Keywords: manufacturers wind flute
Usenet Group:
Usenet has been around for a long time. Users are largely interested in guitar issues, but will also respond to any subject. In general, the Musicians and Instrument Makers Forum (MIMF)<> is a more useful place to start. Keywords: sigs making
Vassar College Department of Music
(Poughkeepsie, NY) Collection consists of several historic keyboards, especially square pianos. Also includes a collection of 90, principally stringed, instruments representing the entire historical spectrum from ancient Egypt to the present day. Keywords: museums pianos
Vázquez Collection of Historical String Instruments
(Vienna, Austria)The collection now contains over 100 instruments (viola da gamba, viola d'amore, violin, viola, violoncello, violone, baryton) dating mostly from 1560 to 1780. Keywords: musems collections string
Vincent Bach Trumpet Serial Numbers
Serial numbers from 1926 to 1994. Keywords: reference serial brass trumpet
Vintage Instruments
(Philadelphia) Dealers in vintage guitars, banjos and mandolins, 18th and 19th century woodwinds and brass, fine violins and cellos, and instruments of historical interest. They also offer appraisal services at reasonable cost. Keywords: collecting dealers appraiser
Viola da Gamba Society of America
  Keywords: sigs gamba viol string early
Viola Web Site
  Keywords: sigs viola string
Violin Making
A nice tour of the process of violin making from luthier Hans Johannsson. Keywords: making makers violin
Violin Price Guide Books
Heart of america Press sells photocopied reprints of Roy Ehrhardt's 3-volume Violin Identification & Price Guide Book. Published in 1974, the prices are serously outdated, but will still give you an idea of whether an instrument may be authentic and/or valuable. Keywords: violin collecting appraisal
Violin Society of America
VSA is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of promoting the art and science of making, repairing and preserving stringed musical instruments and their bows. In addition to a Journal and workshops, VSA also sponsors prestigious international competitions of contemporary violin and bow makers.VSA awards are considered a distinctive measure of a maker's quality. Keywords: violin bow makers sigs
Violin-World (Australia)
Violin-World contains an on-line secure shopping centre where you can find anything for stringed instruments; strings, bows, cases, accessories and outfits. Also a virtual violin making school, advice, articles, teacher's directory, free music lessons and classifieds. Keywords: dealers making violin
Virtual Pianoshop
(UK) A very informative piano site that includes an online forum, historical information and a substantial serial number lookup database. Keywords: piano reference serial
Von Huene Workshop
(Brookline, MA) Makers and dealers in early winds, especially quality recorders. Keywords: makers dealers early recorder gamba wind
Wheatstone Concertina Ledgers - Horniman Museum
The great Horniman Museum Library in London has acquired a collection of manufacturer's ledger books from C. Wheatstone & Co., makers of concertinas. Included are sales records from the 1840s to the 1860s, and production records from the 1860s to the 1890s, with some large gaps. The Wheatstone Co. was an important developer of the English concertina. The ledgers have been digitized and placed online for the purposes of scholarly study. Keywords: concertina free reed historical museums collecting
Wiston-Salem Violins(rare string instruments and bows)
  Keywords: dealer bowed string violin viola cello
World Music Portal: Folk and World Music Instruments
A glossary of international musical instruments. Brief text descriptions of many instruments from throughout the world. A few illustrations and no references. Keywords: reference ethnic
Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Musical Instrument Makers and Dealers, and Instrument Making
An excellent list compiled by Indiana University School of Music. Keywords: makers making dealers reference
Yahoo! Entertainment > Music > Instruments
Menu driven index of MI resources. Keywords: reference search
Yahoo!Recreation>Hobbies>Collecting>Music>Collecting>Mechanical Musical Instruments
  Keywords: collecting mechanical
Yale University Collection of Musical Instruments
(New Haven, Connecticut) An excellent website describing an important collection comprising nearly 1000 objects, the majority of which document the Western European and American art music tradition. The collection of early strings and keyboards is especially noteworthy. Keywords: museums collections
(Buena Park, CA) Yamaha has been a leader in the production of both traditional and innovative new (mostly electronic) musical instruments for many years. Keywords: manufacturers keyboard electronic piano wind string
Yuen Li Low's Trombone Page
Lots of good information all about trombones, including discontinued models, current models, photos and links to manufacturers. Keywords: brass reference trombone
Zuckermann Harpsichords International
(Stonington, CT) Instruments and kits by an established and reputable workshop. Keywords: makers dealers keyboard early harpsichord clavichord

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