Slide Archive

I had the opportunity to use a high quality Nikon slide scanner, so I hurriedly looked through ALL of my old slides and yanked ones worth scanning. I scanned a total of nearly 70 slides from the late '60s to the early 80s. What a blast from the past! 

-Dwight 9/22/2002

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Zither, bagpipe chanter, autoharp, recorder, bass, ca.1967

Baha'i temple, Wilmette

The furnace & water heater - 606 Central Ave.

Instrument collection ca. 1969

This is the only picture I have of the walking stick dulcimer I built around that time (the object just to the left of the mahogany dulcimer. 


Two views of the same branch from a bench in Gilson Park overlooking Lake Michigan - Summer & Winter. It was a favorite spot of mine. 

The Newton crest as rendered by Uncle Lowell Newton. This plaque hung outside their house in Wisconsin.

The house I lived in for a couple of years in south Lexington in the early '80s. I was the caretaker of the house for the old widow who owned it. She lived in an apartment in town. It had 15 huge rooms and was impossible to heat in the winter. My bedroom was in the oldest part of the house - originally a log-frame cabin built before the Civil War. The large living room was a great place to entertain. We often had musical soirees there.

There is no trace of the house or any of the surrounding farmland remaining. It has been subsumed by a massive housing development. The two-lane road is now a major 6-lane artery to the outer loop (Man o' War Blvd). With a large shopping center across the road. 

Mom bought me this zither in an antique shop in Michigan somewhere around 1969. I think she only paid about $5. I put a new back on it, but it is not in good shape. I still have it.