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Mom & Dad's

Harold & Naomi Newton (née Hendricks)

Naomi, Hope and Dorothy,
with grandfather
Moses Henderson Surpless
(Grandma Hendricks' father)
Ella Gillette Taylor, age 80

Harold Newton

Dad was born in 1906. This is his third birthday.
The Newton family was very musical, though very conservative. Here are he and his mother and siblings ca. 1920: Lowell on drum, Florence on mandolin, mother Allie on piano, Blanche on flute? (or perhaps conducting), Clara on ukulele, Bertha was probably singing, and Harold on violin. Not sure why they all had their eyes closed.
Harold's first professional job was with a Hungarian Gypsy orchestra on the Chautauqua circuit. He was told, should anyone ask, to say he was of Hungarian descent. One of his jobs was to tune the cembalom.
A very typical site in our house, though the hair here is unusually tall. Harold was a hard working musician. He practiced almost every day and worked all hours, especially on weekends and holidays.
A portrait done in the late 40's by a Japanese artist who saw his picture in a brochure. Since the photo was not in color, the artist  assumed Harold was blonde. In fact his hair was almost completely white by the time he was in his late 30's. (This made him easy to pick out in an orchestra.) They had the artist fix this.