Personal Statement

The most essential skill today is big-picture visioning in the context of a rapidly changing world. As technology becomes globally ubiquitous, the challenge is to find new opportunities in an ever more competitive world. We are no longer in a cycle, but rather a trajectory. The lessons of the past no longer apply. It is not a matter of following the crowd, but of riding the wave. The one thing that has not changed is the need to always remember who we are and what we aspire to be, both as individuals and as organizations.


Employed in cultural administration for over 20 years. Professional expertise in the uses of technology in management and marketing for arts and cultural institutions such as libraries, colleges, non-profits, government, and arts organizations. Strategic technology planning and implementation. Education in historical, academic and technical aspects of music involving research, analysis, organization and presentation of information. International reputation as an expert in organology (the academic study of musical instruments). Respected curator of online 3D virtual arts.

Non-Profit / Government Cultural Administration


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Office Management/Financial

Web Development/Technology

Library Management


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