Universal Resonance

A Manifesto by Dwight A. Newton 
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INTRODUCTION - Universal Resonance is a collection of ideas, thoughts and opinions about music, life and reality. This is very much a work in progress, as indeed is life itself. I would enjoy establishing a dialog with anyone who wishes to discuss any of these ideas.

CAVEAT - I believe truth is relative -- all reality is virtual. Therefore, when I state something as fact it should be understood that it is only true for me right now. I recognize and fully support anyone's right to disagree with me.

GOD/PURPOSE -That which we call god is actually the totality of everything in the universe. As a part of the universe we are part of god. God is energy and mass and vibration. We exist to ponder the unknowable questions: How does energy become matter; how does matter become life; how does life (and thus matter) become self-aware? Our greatest challenge is to become self-aware, and thus god-conscious. This task is made possible, among other ways, by contemplating the connectedness of all vibrating bodies and experiencing resonance with the whole of the universe. (Om.)

RELIGION -There are many paths. One need only define the destination. Meditation, chanting, dancing, drumming, praying, are all paths to the same goal: an integrative mental state in which everything is understood to be one reality. It is not so important how that reality is perceived. All beliefs are true because we believe them to be true.

REALITY/TRUTH -There is no monopoly on truth. All reality is virtual. Don't worry about the details. We are not right or wrong. We merely enjoy the reality we choose to live. This is freedom. With freedom comes responsibility to choose a reality that is nurturing and healthy and without fear. This is, perhaps, life's  most difficult task.

REALITY/ENERGY - The reality we choose becomes real because we expend our energy in that direction. In other words, we get whatever we spend the most energy on. If we spend energy on fear and mistrust, that's what we get. If we spend energy on being happy and caring, that's what we get. Reality is a choice.

ENTROPY - Entropy wants equilibrium. By creating an idea that is not real we generate an imbalance between what we think and what is. The energy of the universe wants to balance that energy and will change reality itself to conform to our conception of it. The only requirement is that we believe the reality of our conception more strongly than the universe believes in its own reality. Our act of will can actually overcome the inertia of universe reality because universe reality is passive and will go wherever there is imbalance. This is a form of alchemy.

VIBRATION/ENERGY -There is a consistency among physical systems. Matter exists in time. All matter has a frequency of vibration. This is true of quantum mechanics, and of the cosmic motions of the planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe itself. Everything is in cyclical motion. Matter exists as quanta. E=Mc2. Energy is quantum. Energy is mass. Energy is cyclical. Mass is cyclical. Energy and mass exist in time. Time is quantum. Time is cyclical.

VIBRATION -Vibration is matter in cyclical motion. Vibration is music. All matter is vibrating. The universe sings.

VIBRATION -The energy of physical bodies in synchronous vibration is additive. This is called resonance. The energy of physical bodies which are asynchronous is subtractive. This is called dissonance. There is power in this knowledge.

ENERGY/POWER/VIBRATION -There is power in combining energies. Consonance which emerges triumphant from dissonance is more powerful than a pure tone alone.

ENERGY/POWER -Music is a catalyst for change. Dissonance and resonance are sources of power.

RHYTHM -We experience music and rhythm from before the moment of conception. The sperm are in a dance about the egg. The first bone to form in the fetus is in the ear. The womb is a noisy, rhythmic environment. At the moment of birth we experience for the first time a world without rhythmic noise. Everything is suddenly chaotic. Except breath and heart.

RHYTHM -Breath is life. Breath is rhythm. Rhythm is music. Breath is music. Learn from breath.

ENERGY/POWER -Breath is a cycle of tension and relaxation, of conflict and resolution, of dissonance and consonance. The place of highest tension is the place of greatest power. Dissonance energizes the movement towards consonance.

RHYTHM/CELEBRATION -Cyclic events are reminders of the cosmic rhythm of all things. The rise and set of the sun, moon and stars, the changing of the seasons, the movement of tides. These are cause for reflection and celebration in music and dance.

RHYTHM/ENERGY/POWER -There is rhythm in the cycles of birth and death. The dance of life is also the dance of death. There is dissonance in the fact that we must kill to live. There is resonance in the fact that in living we can energize all life.

CEREMONIES/VIBRATION/WARNING -Rituals are important to help establish a rhythm and focus. We resonate with the universe when we celebrate cosmic events such as solstices, equinoxes, sunrise, phases of the moon, menstrual cycles, puberty, haircuts, death, etc. Feasting and fasting, music and silence, dancing and stillness, chanting, building shrines, creating ceremonies are all appropriate for celebrating events. Beware of turning celebrations into laws. We should each seek the ways that work for us. It's o.k. not to participate.

INNER RHYTHM -We do not need ears to sense the rhythms of the universe. It is sufficient to be able to sense time and to be aware.

TIME/RHYTHM -Be aware of the continuity of nows. Time is subjective. There are long nows and short nows. Their passing is also rhythm.

ADVICE -Laugh loudly and often.

ADVICE -Do not be embarrassed by your feelings of wealth. Others pity you for your poverty.

ADVICE/CELEBRATION/ENERGY -Eat, dance and laugh with strangers.

ADVICE -Do not ignore anyone or anything. The most insignificant event has major effects on the course of history. It is all important.

REALITY -Sometimes the answer is there is no answer.

TIME/ENERGY -Rhythm is the expression of tactus - the steady beat of the heart. The heart wants to synchronize with the tactus. We can manipulate energy by altering the tactus.

MOVEMENT/ART -All movement is dance. Move with grace and meaning. Life is art. Infuse all activity with beauty.

ENERGY/SENSES -Light is cyclical energy in motion. There is dissonance and consonance in color. Sound and light are the same thing at different frequencies. Light, color, form, texture, sound, movement, taste, smell. These are all forms of the same energy. There are sweet sounds and tastes that dance and shapes that move us to tears. Rejoice in your senses.

RHYTHM/STRUCTURE/ART -Consider structure. Architecture, poetry, music, virtually any endeavor of human minds is structural. Rhythm, pattern, shape, repetition, familiarity, are features of all art. There is always a beginning and an end (time structure), and a size and shape (space structure). Even randomness in art is structured by human ideas.

REALITY/HAPPINESS -People are necessary as long as we are people. The planet doesn't care if we live or die. In cosmic terms we are individually pretty insignificant. But we have this really amazing opportunity to experience being alive. We're only here for a few years, so why waste these precious moments pissing each other off and getting upset over who gets to control what piece of the planet and trying to decide who's right or wrong? When we're gone (which is coming sooner than you think) the whole question becomes moot anyway. The really important thing is being happy. Money and possessions don't make you happy. Other people don't make you happy. You've got to do it yourself. If you can make yourself happy, money and property are no longer an issue.

REALITY/KARMA -Live by a high moral standard. Karma is real. If you live in accordance with common courtesy, you will be happier for it. You may weep for those who do not understand this.

REALITY -This world is the result of billions of years of development and evolution. We have a long way to go yet. Human institutions are usually based on mistakes that are long forgotten. We need not believe in them just because they are ours. We must live with much ignorance and cruelty from others, but we need not be ignorant or cruel ourselves. When stupidity forces itself upon you, recognize it, but don't participate in it.

POWER/EDUCATION/ENERGY -Teach whenever possible. Education is creative, empowering, revolutionary and subversive. The first lesson is to question authority.

ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT -Growth should never prevail over sustainability. A growing economy is based on assumptions of greater consumption, greater populations, and greater environmental impact. It cannot be sustained indefinitely. Economic growth is by definition pessimistic and short-sighted.

REALITY -Take delight in minor miracles. Blush at the blatant sexuality of flowers. Be amazed at the blackness of the night. Even pain is a vivid reminder of your alive-ness and should be relished.

REALITY -When reality gets out of control, always return to the simple things. Sit quietly and recreate yourself. (Om.)

ENERGY/UNITY/VIBRATION -The sound of Om is the gathering in and centering of vibrational energies in the body. It is the sound of many becoming one. It is the unison. 

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