American Musical Instrument Society/Galpin Society/CIMCIM Conference

National Music Museum

Vermillion, South Dakota

May 2006

Middle Eastern instruments

Side benders from the Harmony Guitar Co., Chicago

Tom in front of the Museum

Arnold Myers (Edinburgh) presents the Galpin Society’s Anthony Baines Memorial Prize to Laurence Libin

Darcy Kuronen, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and Kathryn Libin, President of the American Musical Instrument Society

Buffalo Trace Winery

Laurence Libin is auctioneer for the scholarship fund auction.

Cynthia Adams Hoover, National Museum of American History

Tony Bingham, London antique dealer, and Michael Dempsey, curator of the Stearns Collection, Univ. of Michigan

Darcy Kuronen, Boston MFA, and Christiane Rieche, Handel-Haus, Halle an der Saale

Pig roast

Native American drumming, song and dance.
Oyate Singers, Wasa Wakpa/Vermillion.

Gabriele Rossi-Rognoni, Galleria Dell'Academia - Museu Degli Strumenti Musicale, Firenze (Florence)

Instruments by Gibson

The astounding Choralcelo

A beautiful deco guitar by D'Angelico