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Lutherie - Pictures of early dulcimers and psalteries.

People - Family and friends

Dwight - embarrassingly weird self portraits and ID pictures.



Rick Dearborn and one of his several brothers.

Howard Levy - ca. 1970 at the Baha'i temple in Wilmette. The guitar he's playing was a piece of junk with a very high action that couldn't really be played normally. He was using some kind of tapered bearing machine part as a slide.

Joe Mercer & Chris Burne (sp?) in Wilmette

My friends Larry Vetter, Steve Thometz, and Rob Nievar. I lived with Steve and Rob in Seattle for a few months in early 1971. We all played music together. Larry was clearly the best musician among us, but we all learned a lot from each other. There's a whole lot more to this story - maybe I'll write about it one day. I saw them briefly once around a year later, but haven't heard from any of them since.