Pack of Lies Orchestra

Pack of Lies is the invention of Phoenix area artist and musician Larry Yez. Larry and I shared an office space at the Arizona Commission on the Arts, where he coordinated the Traveling Exhibitions Program and I was the Executive Assistant and webmaster. While I was with him (1998-2001), The Pack of Lies Orchestra consisted mostly of just Larry and me, with the occasional addition of local artists, including Native American flutist Tree Cody, and poet/artists Jack Evans and Jeff Falk. Most of our gigs involved providing ambient noise at local Phoenix area  gallery openings. 

Our music was highly eclectic. Larry and I both play lots of unusual instruments and we enjoy experimenting with different combinations. Almost everything we do is entirely improvised on the spot, so there  are apt to be a number of rough spots, but we also come up with some real gems now and then. The style ranges widely from Latin and Andean to Celtic to jazz, blues, ambient, baroque, Native American, and spontaneous combustion. 

Outside MARS Artspace (Movimiento Artistico del Rio Salado)

at Capitol Coffee Co.

Larry Yaez: Keyboards, sequencers, accordion, charango, banjo, Native American flutes, guitars  (electric 12, acoustic, lap steel)

Dwight Newton: Keyboards, guitars (classic, electric), Native American flute and recorders, mbira, charango, electric cello, percussion

The Gift of Bad 
15th annual Bad X-Mas Pageant 
By M.V. Moorhead

Lots of performance art in the Valley this weekend. Along with Karen Finley at autoMATIC (see story right), Saturday, December 2, will also see the 15th annual Bad X-Mas Pageant at Alwun House, 1204 East Roosevelt. The show, possibly the longest-running annual performance-art event in Phoenix, is a revue featuring artists in various media, ranging from poetry by the New Subterraneans and Patrick Hare to music by the Pack of Lies Orchestra and Darrel Scarer to dance by Kathleen Marie. Videos by Steve Gompf, Jason and Vox, Inc., will be shown, and there will also be performances by student artists from Metro Arts High School, as well as food and drink. 

From Phoenix New Times, 11/30/2000

Dia de Los Muertos -- Eastside Art Studios, 9919 Apache Trail, Mesa; Saturday Nov. 4 to Dec. 2 [2000]; the opening reception at 7 p.m. is free. 

This privately owned complex of art studios, classrooms and performance spaces is hosting a combined visual and performing arts event whose opening event Saturday Nov. 4 has all the makings of an entertaining evening. There's music by the Pack of Lies Orchestra, poetry by the New Subterraneans, video art by Sharri Weinberg and Steve Gompf, and a range of art created and installed by local artists associated with the studio complex.

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