by Dwight Newton

Manadalas are geometric representations of inner visions, usually based on a circular pattern. The creation of a mandala can be entirely a mental (i.e., meditative) process, or it can express itself in the real world as an image, structure, or even a movement as in the dance of the whirling Dervish.

Mandalas have been used by many cultures throughout history to express the understanding of order in the universe. Well-known examples of  mandalas include: Stonehenge, Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs, and the great, complex mandalas of Tibetan Buddhism.

The mandalas shown here are the result of channeled energies that have come through me at various times in my meditation practice. Each image was a multi-step process using several computer software programs, including CAD and several paint systems, to achieve the ultimate effect.

Mandalas - Click on image to see full size

 Mandalas 1996 - 2002, by Dwight Newton/ORISCUS. Copying of any image for personal use is permitted. Images may not be republished or sold without expressed permission.