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ORISCUS.COM - My web site concerning the arts and culture, musical instrument information, technology and meaning

My resume - Make me an offer!

A 1995 article from the Fairhope (AL) Courier about me


Musical Instruments I've Built - My life as a luthier

The Tromba Marina - A large research project concerning the history, construction and music of this unusual musical instrument. A large bowed monochord played entirely in harmonics.

The Center for Old Music in the New World - A wonderful group of musicians in Central Kentucky dedicated to the study and performance of early music. 

Pack of Lies Orchestra - Larry and me making noise in Phoenix.

Tunes for a small harp - A few pieces I wrote for Celtic lap harp.

My 15 minutes of fame as a Javanese gamelan player

Journeys (external and internal)

Guild of American Luthiers Convention, Greensboro, NC, 1984

My Week as a Dervish 

My Week as an Inca

My Week in South Dakota for the American Musical Instrument Society conference

Universal resonance - A bunch of semi-organized thoughts about music and being


Family - Some pictures and genealogical stuff.

My genealogy

"Ideal No. 5" Lever Press by Sigwalt Manufacturing Co.  Our old family letterpress.

Katrina - my kitty

So-called "Art"

John Randle workshop at King Library Press

Mandalas - the result of energies that have come through me at various times in my meditation practice. Each image is a multi-step process using several computer software programs, including CAD and several paint systems, to achieve the ultimate effects.

Visual Art - I AM NOT AN ARTIST!

Self as Art - Silly Photoshop exercises with my face replacing those in famous works of art.

My no-knead artisan bread recipe

See the evolution of the website.

Other - Misc. stuff of no particular interest.


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